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posted by sakurai on September 28, 2022 #519


表519.1 PMHF論文の実績と予定表
No. 学会 論文タイトル 内容 採択/未
1 2017 ISPCE Generalized formula for the calculation of a probabilistic metric for random hardware failures in redundant subsystems PMHF式を初めて冗長系に拡張 採択
2 2020 RAMS Generic Equations for a Probabilistic Metric for Random Hardware Failures According to ISO 26262 PMHF式を初めて理論的に導出 採択
3 2021 RAMS A Framework for Performing Quantitative Fault Tree Analyses for Subsystems with Periodic Repairs 理論的に導出したPMHFのFTA構成法 採択
4 2022 RAMS Formulas of the Probabilistic Metric for Random Hardware Failures to Resolve a Dilemma in ISO 26262 LFMと整合するPMHF式の導出 採択
5 2023 RAMS Stochastic Constituents for the Probabilistic Metric for Hardware Failures 確率構成要素を用いたIFRモデルの証明 レビュー修正中採択
6 2024 RAMS Inaccuracies in the probabilistic metric (PMHF) formula of ISO 26262 2nd editionの誤りと正確なPMHF式
7 2025 RAMS 未定 Q(t)の導出
8 2026 RAMS 未定 EOTTIの導出

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