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まずISO 26262の概要を述べています。

ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems in production automobiles.

ISO 26262 は、生産用自動車の電気・電子システムの機能安全性に関する国際規格である。

The standard applies to all activities during the lifecycle of safety-related systems comprised of electrical, electronic, and software components.


The 2011 version of the standard [1] consists of 10 parts covering various aspects of the system's design and development at the system, software, hardware, production and operation and the new 2018 version of the standard [2] has 12 parts, adding applications to semi-conductors and motorcycles to the mix.



ISO 26262 requires that the impacts of random hardware faults on hardware to be analyzed and the risk of safety-critical failures due to such faults is shown to be below a certain threshold.

ISO 26262では、ハードウェアのランダムな故障がハードウェアに与える影響を分析し、そのような故障による安全上の重大な故障のリスクが一定の閾値以下であることを示すことを要求している。

The document defines the ASIL (Automotive Safety and Integrity Level) classifications and sets the particular ASIL safety goals designated A through D, with D being the most stringent.

この文書では、ASIL (Automotive Safety and Integrity Level) の分類を定義し、AからDまでのASILの安全目標を設定している。

For most hardware design and validation engineers, this requirement exposed them to a new paradigm with unaccustomed procedures and terminology such as ASIL, PMHF (Probabilistic Metric for Random Hardware Failures), and others.



The goal of this paper is to explain some of the terminology and the engineering approaches of ISO 26262 and make them more compatible with the terminology and methods used by design and reliability professionals involved in calculating PMHF to assess the ASIL levels of safety-critical systems.

この論文の目的は、ISO 26262の用語とエンジニアリングアプローチの一部を説明し、安全クリティカルシステムのASILレベルを評価するためにPMHFを計算する際に設計・信頼性の専門家が使用する用語と方法との互換性を高めることである。


$\dagger$: Kleyner, A. and Knoell, R., “Calculating Probability Metric for Random Hardware Failures (PMHF) in the New Version of ISO 26262 Functional Safety - Methodology and Case Studies,” SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-0793, 2018

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